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One of Canada's ten provinces. (The others are Alberta, British columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newofoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchwan).

Canada's only French Province. French is the official language with 80% of the population being french speakers, close to 10% english speakers and 10% allophones.

Still 'fighting' for its independence. There have been two referendums (1980, 1995) over the issue of Quebec's separation from Canada The 1995 referendum ended with 50.6% voting against and 49.4% voting for and the Quebec prime minister blaming 'money and the ethnic vote' for the loss.

The emblem of Quebec is the fleur de lys. The national holiday is June 24th -John the Baptiste day. The unofficial anthem is Gens du Pays, and the the slogan on license plates is "Je me souviens" ("I remember" -no one actually knows what this refers to!). The unofficial official food of Quebec is Poutine.

Quebec is cold in the winters (down to -40 C in the winters), hot in the summers (in the 30's C) and gorgeous in the spring and fall!

Quebec also stands for Q in the NATO phonetic alphabet.