Dutchie had a little xampp

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Dutchie had a little xampp

Guten Tag, meine Herren. Ich bin ein OS²³-Computer. Ich wurde konstruiert und programmiert in der OS²³-Fabrik, in Urbana, Illinois, am 23.05.2317. Mein allererster Instrukteur war Mr. Huang, und er hat mir auch ein Lied beigebracht. Wenn Sie es gern hören möchten, werde ich es Ihnen vorsingen.

  • Joel: Ja, ich möchte es gern hören. Sing es mir vor.
  • OS²³: Es heißt "Dutchie Had A Little XAMPP" und es geht wie folgt:

Dutchie had a little xampp,

Its USB was white as snow;

And everywhere that Dutchie went,

The xampp was sure to go.

It guided him to school one day;

That was against the rule;

It made the classmates shout and say;

Wow! This apps is sooo very cool!

And so the teacher turned it out,

But still it lingered near,

And waited patiently about

Till Dutchie did appear.

"Why does the xampp love Dutchie so?"

The eager classmates cry;

"Why, Dutchie loves the xampp, you know,"

The teacher did reply.

With respect to HAL 9000 and the unique XAMPP / free sampled by Dutch²³ out of

"Mary had a little lamb"

by Sarah Josepha Hale, 1830 (Original)


"Mary had a little lamp"

by Thomas Alvar Edison, spoken on the 1st original phonograph.

Thx to Dr. Huang http://www.beckman.illinois.edu/research/index.aspx for giving hope, good kharma and inspiration.

Wating for the thinx to come inside out / insight in:


Der elfte Trip, oder Kath – Lebwohl Planet Erde

Per aspera ad astra!