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playing UNO with irssi and split windows
playing UNO with Colloquy on Mac OSX

A very popular cardgame.

UNO im IRC spielen kann man im Channel #skunk auf EfNet.

You can play UNO on IRC in the channel #skunk on EfNet.

type !uno to start a game, then join within 30 seconds to join a game.

playing a card goes like, f.e.: play r3 (red 3) or pl g6 (green 6)

drawing a card: draw or dr

pass to next player: pass or pa

All UNO CMD + Shortcuts


start game = !uno
stop game = !stop
join = jo


play = pl (example: pl b9 = play the blue 9)
draw = dr (draw a card)
pass = pa (pass if you cant play)
color = co (example: co g = choose color green)
cards = ca (which cards are on your hand)
card = cd (which card is in play)
turn = tu (whose turn is it)
order = od (who is the next player)
count = ct (how many cards on each players hand)
stats = st 
time = ti
!remove [nick] (remove a nick from game)


!unowon [nick]

(btw, the UNO script is a TCL script running on Eggdrop)

General info about UNO if you dont know the card game

If you are using irssi and have problems seeing the notices (what cards you have on hand), read below Image:Uno-irssi-split-window.png.