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software that the programmer is giving away free. Ex. a list of the allegedly best freeware for 2005, compiled by someone I do not know or met.

Variations on the "-ware" concept:

  • ShareWare--can use free; if you like it, please pay
  • CrippleWare--can use free; if you like it, pay and you'll receive a code that activates some "crippled" features (usually ability to print or to use advanced functions)
  • PostcardWare--can use free; but please send a postcard
  • BeerWare--can use free; but either (1) send the programmer enough money for a beer, or (2) raise a beer in toast to the programmer yourself
  • CharityWare--can use free; but make a donation to your or the programmer's favorite charity
  • HugWare--can use free; but give someone a hug
  • Cherware--can use free; but have to listen to "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" while using it (OK, we made that one up...)
  • AbearWare--What's abearware? A fur coat! (OK, we'll stop now.).