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Darkgalaxy is a browser-based, massive multiplayer ,realtime space strategy game.

In Dark Galaxy you control planets and fleets in games lasting for 3 months at a time.

Active again , revival

A new round on Pluto just started, and we are active again, this time in the "2P" alliance. Everything else on this page is outdated. If you wanna join, do it now, the round just started. Contact finn or mutante on IRC.

Round ends on turn 2160 :o

  1. 2 - Highlander_Steen posted on Mar 10 15:51
on turn 2160 the game ends

Oh No!!

New Darkgalaxy has started !!

Good luck to everybody playing, and have a lot of fun!

Contact our "Discordian Cabal" alliance if you joined in time.

  • irc.darkgalaxy.com #darkgalaxy

Login problems

There is a problem with some people not being able to login.

Delete your cookies and retry. If that doesnt work for you, then you'll have to wait for the code fix.

UNLESS THERE IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO THE CONTRARY - Turns will recommence 12 midnight (GMT) Sunday/Monday


New Research Tree

                              + Core Metal Mine Research
                              ¦ Core Mineral Extractor Research
                              ¦ Hydroponics Lab Research
                              ¦ Solar Array Research
                              ¦                               + Strip Metal Mine Research
                              ¦ Mass Production Research ??+ Strip Mineral Extractor Research
                              ¦                               ¦ Hydroponics Dome Research
Resource Collection Research ??¦                               + Solar Station Research
                              ¦                               + Metal Converter Research
                              ¦ Energy Conversion Research ??+ Mineral Converter Research
                              ¦                               + Food Replicator Research
                              ¦                               + Metal Refinery Research
                              + Land Enhancement Research + Mineral Processor Research
                                                              ¦ Food Purifier Research
                                                              + Energy Booster Research

                              + Merchant Research
Fleet Technology Research + Trader Research
                              ¦ Hulk Research
                              ¦                               + Destroyer Research
                              ¦ War Ship Design Research ??+ Cruiser Research
                              ¦                               + Battleship Research
                              + Warp Theory Research ??- Hyperspace Beacon Research
                                                              + Jump Gate Research

Planet Management Research ??- Queue Length 4 ?? Queue Length 5 ?? ... ?? Queue Length 10
                              + Planet Limit 6 ?? Planet Limit 8 ?? ... ?? Planet Limit 100


The manual is now in a mediawiki, doesnt allow everybody to edit,though.


Back in the days we were "TheBlackHand" ,now we started a new alliance called 'Legion of 23'

[23] is strictly anti-[NR].

feel free to signup on Mars as soon as possible to join us in the fight for the Universe :D

(msg mutante further details)

DarkGalaxy/Stats && DarkGalaxy/Alliance && DarkGalaxy/Player

Everything changed again. Now we are in the [[REBELLION ] alliance.

have a look @ SpacePioneers too ;))

DG Stats pages

The DG Alliance Statistics Site