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This is Bill T Cactus.

Bill T Cactus

He now lives on my desk at work, some times he stays out for days on end on the windowsill. He's had a tough life already, i found him abandend in a cupboard.

He had been in the cupard ever since i repoted his mummy, he fell off you see, but even though he was in a cupard, in the dark, with no Soil, he still grew.

So i took pity on him and planted him in a little pot. Now he is big and strong, he's always up to something. I have started to take pictures, so i can shair he's wonderfull life with the world.

Hey Bill,my cactus friend, my name is Gargamel. Nice to meet you.

you can find out more about Bill on his own [gallery]

Hey Garg,I've grown big by now,too

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