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The Bible is the title of a best-selling novel by the well known author, The Jews. The Bible tells many fascinating stories of incredibly old people, and human sacrifice, and floods, and very much begetting. Notable characters include Adam, Eve, Noah, Moses, Abraham, and "King" Solomon. Other minor characters include Rebecca, Joseph (with his technicolor dreamcoat), Samson, and to some extent, God.


The Bible weaves a complex tale rich with allegory. Many of the subplots are very interesting, though the author spends a little too much time developing family trees instead of actual characterization. The sensory imagery leaves much to be desired. Also, many of the tales seem contradictory, not to mention horribly outdated. More contemporary authors like Dan Brown or John Grisham might do well to revisit this classic, and bring it up into the new age.

The Sequel

Playing on the success of The Bible, a much shorter but equally well received sequel was released entitled The New Testament. Unlike it's predecessor, tNT focuses much more on a single character named Jesus. Jesus is developed as the primary hero in the story, but in a very Hollywood incompatible manner. While slightly more consistent than the original, tNT can't stand up against the fire and brimstone action of The Bible.

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