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I am listening on these protocols:
I am listening on these protocols:
[IrC IRC] /msg mutante on EfNet
[[IrC IRC]] /msg mutante on EfNet
[[Jabber]] ID: mutante@jabber.ccc.de
[[Jabber]] ID: mutante@jabber.ccc.de
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# http://www.seti23.org/members/memberpage.php?id=2
# http://www.seti23.org/members/memberpage.php?id=2
== Commentaries: =
== Commentaries: =
(added by KunDa)  
(added by KunDa)  

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I am listening on these protocols:

IrC IRC /msg mutante on EfNet

Jabber ID: mutante@jabber.ccc.de

E-mail is most easy to guess from my http address,just add the @

http http://mutante.s23.org

  1. http://www.seti23.org/members/memberpage.php?id=2

= Commentaries:

(added by KunDa)

Mutante, a creature of mutation. A facilitator of skills for himself and fellow humans.
Co-founder of the Seti23 cabal and bestower of neat thingies on the unsuspecting public.
A bringer of light on all terrestrial inhabitance. A mench among the wretch and rabble.
His mother should be proud...never has such a bastard walked among us and lived 
a full length life (yet).

Amen. (:P)

muta, thanks for the WmIc page...awesome! -KunDa

Muta, A script to check the USA's Homeland Security threat level

 echo -n "Threat Level: "
 curl -s http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/getAdvisoryCondition | tail -n 1 | awk -F" '{print $2}'


$threat = eregi_replace('.*CONDITION="(.*)" />', '1', implode('
', file("http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/getAdvisoryCondition")));
print "Homeland Security Threat Leval: $threat.";

Maybe you can tcl one and add it to the bots! jejeje -KunDa

Hehe, i just tested both versions and of course they work ;) will get into the tcl version as requested .. -MuTante

Know https://fuckup.homeunix.net/index.php?FWikiChanges? -- gelegentlicher FAZ Heringseinwickler MattisManzel

Man, yet again..i must tip my hat and give props do a man that kicks so much ass..
Mr. Mutante
The intermap and the template blank wiki page are excellent.

Mutante, MoonEdit ist der Kracher! -- MattisManzel