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This is the new s23-wiki, recently updated to UseMod version 1.0 (from 0.92) The new version provides RSS NewsFeeds and FreeLinks.

The RSS-Link you can add to your RSS-Newsreader is:

You are free to edit the text of any Wiki page. You can create new pages just by opening an URL that didnt exist before. (just like joining IRC channels ;)

See ALL wiki pages here...or use the search form below.

some example pages follow below:

SeTi DisCordia TwentyThree FnOrd PrincipiaDiscordia RobertAntonWilson

TcpaPalladium - AntiSpam - DatenSchutz - NoBloodForOil - WdrCc

FunStuff - MemBers - LuG23 - LinKs - EncyclopeDia


Wenn ihr Wikis noch nicht kennt schaut erstmal hier rein: AboutWiki

Dont know about Wiki yet?