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The s23 wiki tip page


(A) = Admins
(E) = Everybody

Wiki Formating Tips

  • (E) This is very useful, you dont have to use the long syntax like [[User:Mutante|Mutante]] to display your username everytime you sign a comment, (found here) you can simply sign with tildes (when logged in):
    • Three tildes ~~~ produces Mutante.
    • Four tildes ~~~~ produce Mutante 23:42, 6 Feb 2005 (CET)
    • Five tildes ~~~~~ produce 23:42, 6 Feb 2005 (CET)

Wiki Organization Tips

  • (A) To avoid Double Redirect pages, in other words: if you are going to rename(aka "#REDIRECT" [[]]) a specific page make sure there are no other pages - that are redirects themselves - to be linked to yet another redirect. Make sense? To avoid this you:
    • Click on the "What links here" link (for some themes you will find it in your 'toolbox') this will tell you if there are pages linked to it. Check those pages out to see if they are Redirects themselves. If they ARE then just edit them to reflect the new page name. If they ARE NOT redirects, then leave them alone since when they will be clicked on the wiki will automagically redirect them to the correct page. Then proceed accordingly.
For example: Say we have 4 pages: Nads, TeSties, Webos, and Testicles.
Nads and TeSties are redirects to 'Webos'.
You decide this is not appropriate, maybe because latin is the 'cleanest' 
language in the world, so you redirect 'Webos' to 'Testicles'.
You broke 'Nads' and 'TeSties'. Fix them by accessing them and 
redirecting directly to 'Testicles'.