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  • Discordians all work, I mean play, in their spare time, on Operation Mindfuck - an insidious yet disorganized attempt to tear down your old mental paradigms without offering anything with which to replace them.
--KunDa rant begins --
Tell you what..I sort of have a problem with this.
I used to think like this and imho I don't think it is a difficult thing to 
destroy peoples belief-systems (Christianity is a prime example). 
In fact I think it's a form of violence worse then injuring their physical body.  
Because within the persons 'mental paradigm' or 'Belief System' there exists very subtle forms
of behaviors (JohnCLilly called them programs) that help the organism, among many things,
'cope' and deal with all the other 'mental paradigms' external to it, "they" keep it safe. 
I remember reading somewhere..i think maybe in 'Meetings With Remarkable Men' by G.I.Gurdjieff
that peoples conscience is embedded behind their belief in God and the Universe. If one breaks 
construct apart, the person is left to fend for themselves in a world they know nothing about.
Yes..there is a chance it might be beneficial for them or it might be what YOU think is the best
for them. But what about the other consiquences? 
The one where they suffer deeper trauma and/or become sociopathic, homicidal, tyranical..etc..
In the Matrix movie, Morpheus tells Neo that you can't just 'wake up' any of the people 
within the program, that there is resistance to the real 'truth' of it all and that 
too many times it had ended very wrong. 
It is a big responsibility to break a persons inner most beliefs. 
Eris probobly doesn't give a shit about this, about consiquence. Mischeviousness is her tag.
But I don't endorse ideas that produce more 'Fear' for humans, we got too much of that already. 
If you break someone, you are responsible to show them something better, that will change 
their lives, make them more happy and respectful of others and aware of their own actions 
and how they have an impact on everything. Do you think you are up to that ?
-KunDa (sorry for the rant, we should move this somewhere out of the way eventually)
-- KunDa rant ends --

Techniques include everything from elaborate pranks, to...well, simple pranks. Sort of a Zen version of the Merry Pranksters." - Rev. Ivan Stang, High Weirdness by Mail






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