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(Spam below the pic. Do not change the header please.)

Spam is tolerated on this page

and on its subpages (if you should feel like making such). If you spam on any other page of s23-wiki the pages you spamvertize will be listed in a shared antispam database with the consequence that you can't spam anymore anywhere at all on the antispam-organized wikis. Neither on this page here.

Wouldn't that be a pitty?

Thank you for reading and understanding this. Have a nice day.

btw: If you don't want your stuff to be deleted here, don't delete the other's stuff.

your spam goes here

spam, endless boring urls, more spam ... heyz0rs noobs, i eats you fnord for breakfast lolzzzzzzzzz HAIL ERIS!

I'm trying to create some intentional disorder, but it ends up ordered from another perspective. "lolol fnord eris" fits the category "spam" very easily, so it's not really disruptive. I think better spam, that which is more disruptive, requires just some interesting thoughts with a healthy dose of chaos. Stuff like "maybe dis is teh reel stuff and evryhting esle is spam" isn't all that thought provoking, but a well placed question is.