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Fnord is evaporated herbal tea without the herbs.
Fnord is that funny feeling you get when you reach for the Snickers bar and come back holding a slurpee.
Fnord is the 43 1/3rd state, next to Wyoming.
Fnord is this really, really tall mountain.
Fnord is the reason boxes of condoms carry twelve instead of ten.
Fnord is what you see when you close your eyes
Fnord is the blue stripes in the road that never get painted.
Fnord is place where those socks vanish off to in the laundry.
Fnord is an arcade game like Pacman without the little dots.
Fnord is a little pufflike cloud you see at 5pm.
Fnord is the tool the dentist uses on unruly patients.
Fnord is the blank paper that cassette labels are printed on.
Fnord is where the buses hide at night.
Fnord is the empty pages at the end of the book.
Fnord is the screw that falls from the car for no reason.
Fnord is why Burger King uses paper instead of foam.
Fnord is the little green pebble in your shoe.
Fnord is the orange print in the yellow pages.
Fnord is a pickle without the bumps.
Fnord is why ducks eat trees.
Fnord is toast without bread.
Fnord is a venetian blind without the slats.
Fnord is the lint in the navel of the mites that eat the lint in the navel of the mites that eat the lint in Fnord's navel.
Fnord is an apostrophe on drugs.
Fnord is the bucket where they keep the unused serifs for H*lvetica.
Fnord is the gunk that sticks to the inside of your car's fenders.
Fnord is the source of all the zero bits in your computer.
Fnord is the echo of silence.
Fnord is the parsley on the plate of life.
Fnord is the sales tax on happiness.
Fnord is the preposition at the end of sixpence.
Fnord is the feeling in your brain when you hold your breath too long.
Fnord is the reason latent homosexuals stay latent.
Fnord is the donut hole.
Fnord is the whole donut.
Fnord is an annoying series of email messages.
Fnord is the color only blind people can see.
Fnord is the serial number on a box of cereal.
Fnord is the Universe with decreasing entropy.
Fnord is a naked woman with herpes simplex 428.
Fnord is the yin without yang.
Fnord is a pyrotumescent retrograde onyx obelisk.
Fnord is why lisp has so many parentheses.
Fnord is the the four-leaf clover with a missing leaf.

Fnord is double-jointed and has a cubic spline.
Fnord never sleeps.
Fnord is the "een" in baleen whale.
Fnord is neither a particle nor a wave.
Fnord is the space in between the pixels on your screen.
Fnord is the guy that writes the Infiniti ads.
Fnord is the nut in peanut butter and jelly.
Fnord is an antebellum flagellum fella.
Fnord is a sentient vacuum cleaner.
Fnord is the smallest number greater than zero.
Fnord lives in the empty space above a decimal point.
Fnord is the odd-colored scale on a dragon's back.
Fnord is the redundant coin slot on arcade games.
Fnord was last seen in Omaha, Nebraska.
Fnord is the founding father of the phrase "founding father".
Fnord is the last bit of sand you can't get out of your shoe.
Fnord is Jesus's speech advisor.
Fnord keeps a spare eyebrow in his pocket.
Fnord invented the green hubcap.
Fnord is why doctors ask you to cough.
Fnord is the "ooo" in varooom of race cars.
Fnord uses two bathtubs at once.

I cannot escape them
No matter how I try
They wait for me everywhere
I cannot pass them by.
Driving down the street
I see "Jesus Is Lord"
And then immediately after
I hear the word "FNORD!"
Innocuous sayings and parables
And on the evening news
I hear the word "FNORD!"
And suddenly I'm confused
I sit alone in my room
And I'm feeling rather bored
I turn on the tube and guess what
I hear the word "FNORD!"
"Don't see the fnords and they won't eat you"
That's what I've heard the wisemen say
But I can't get away from those beasties
There's just no fucking way.

<sonik-> fnord seems like a disinformation mechanism put on the net on various sites to confuse people when searching for illuminati or something like that

Fnords are the non-printed and unspoken words in the mass media that are there in specifically calculated positions to provoke a reaction in the reader/viewer on a subconscious level, especially in the news--making them one of the major tools of the Illuminati to manipulate an unwitting populace. Much of the world's condition can be judged by the number of the fnords in one's morning paper. There seem to have been a lot of them lately.

From http://www.rawilson.com/illuminatus.html#fnord

...That calmed me a little, so I set out the toast and coffee and fetched the New York Times from the hallway. I turned the radio to WBAI and caught some good Vivaldi, sat down, grabbed a piece of toast and started skimming the first page.

Then I saw the fnords.

The feature story involved another of the endless squabbles between Russia and the U.S. in the UN General Assembly, and after each direct quote from the Russian delegate I read a quite distinct "Fnord!" The second lead was about a debate in congress on getting the troops out of costa Rica; every argument presented by Senator Bacon was followed by another "Fnord!" At the bottom of the page was a Times depth-type study of the growing pollution problem and the increasing use of gas masks among New Yorkers; the most distressing chemical facts were interpolated with more "Fnords."

Can you believe that?
Rev. St. Klyf 'Not Max Cannon' The-Not-Quite-Sane S23-M257 Fenderson

. www.fnord.tk

There really are fnords. No, really. Hint: They do not actually consist of the letters f-n-o-r-d -- that's just a literary device. The real fnords are.. well, someday you'll see them.

ò A nonsense term commonly used by a group of satirically inclined devotees known as the Discordians. Often stated as a reminder that what is being said is probably said in jest and to not believe all of what you read.

ò A word referring to the sound of one hand clapping in applause at the creation of the perfectly round rectangle and the perfectly cornered circle. Fnord.

ò A very dangerous and mystically powerful word that repeated 42 times in rapid enough succession is said to be able to cause the total destruction of life, the universe, and everything. Fnord. (How rapidly no one knows, and I truly hope no one ever finds out).


[kiwi fnord]

Googlism for: fnord

fnord is nathan
fnord is where you left your sunglasses
fnord is a word that you have
fnord is evaporated herbal tea without the herbs
fnord is what they make vegetarian meatloaf out of without the vegetables
fnord is a dead fnord
fnord is my second try
fnord is fnord is fnord
fnord is kind of like zen except no one gets hit with a stick
fnord is the space between the pixels on your screen
fnord is a small and fast webserver with cgi
fnord is unkown
fnord is mathematical visualization system
fnord is a simulation or exploratory program
fnord is a pyramid or triangle symbol
fnord is notified that a fnord product requires warranty service
fnord is a very small web server to be run from tcpserver
fnord is a small
fnord is connected to the following things
fnord is connected to because
fnord is given below; of course
fnord is a times table generator
fnord is to play games
fnord is no longer active
fnord is hereby granted without
fnord is still in development
fnord is a philosophy; fnord places total control of the implementation in the user's hands
fnord is meant to be used under linux with the diet libc
fnord is not a member of a guild
fnord is the "ooo" in varooom of race cars
fnord is a athlon amd 1
fnord is going to teach us about bondage"
fnord is suspended upside down from a pole at the raft's center
fnord is coming to this site soon
fnord is a discordian
fnord is a priest of cathulu
fnord is a
fnord is an apostrophe on drugs
fnord is a fifteen
fnord is the blue stripes in the road that never get painted
fnord is a namespace prefix
fnord is?
fnord is
fnord is our name
fnord is a discordian disorganization dedicated to
fnord is a word which human beings are conditioned
fnord is simply a buzz
fnord is the more advanced of the two
fnord is everywhere
fnord is a secret agenda known only to its creators expressed in part & in whole by a magazine
fnord is a secret agenda known only to its creators expressed in part & in
fnord is known to have died from natural causes
fnord is a mathematical visualization system
fnord is the law
fnord is ranked 417 and has played for 56m in 30 days real name
fnord is too difficult to go into here
fnord is a hidden agenda known only to its fiendish creators
fnord is really dead simple
fnord is the only kind of fnord you would ever want to put in your soup
fnord is a real fnord
fnord is god
fnord is obviously not the way natural fnord fnord languages > > > > operate fnord
fnord is hereby granted without fee

This page does not exist

Stop reading this

Goddammit, I said STOP

OK I am going to have to EAT you now


Bon appetit! -- MattisManzel


Foundation for Neo-cognitive and Ontological Research and Development