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What is a day-page?
A day-page is a wiki-page for a certain day. It has the date in the beginning of its title + it has the name of the day-page set it belongs to attached. For example 2006-05-28_Talk. You can edit a day-page just like every wiki-page.

The central page of a set where all day-pages get included into is called the mother-page of a day-page set. Its title is the name of the day-page set + Pages attached. For example BlogPages, clean-linked simply blog.

There are currently four day-page sets on this wiki.

  • blog, our common blog (showing the "condensed" on-goings here). It is included at the end of the [HomePage home-page/blog]
  • hints to currently interesting wikis we are given from within the community or from outsides
  • talk, for the talk of the day, our forum, but day-page based and newest on top
  • wiki-net, the wikis currently in our "focus", our current wiki-net

You can create more day-page sets like _Event, _Agenda, _SubProject etc.

To edit a day-page

  • go to the mother-page of day-page set.
  • click in the calendar or click on the date in the header of a day to open up the day-page.
  • edit it.