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Ututu is a fully free distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system and comes from Argentina.

Interview with Daniel Oliveira of the Ututo Project

Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation have recently endorsed Ututo as a fully free distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system and encouraged people to assist with its development. Daniel Oliveira is its Project and Development Leader. Questions were asked by John Sullivan, and answers have been edited for style and space.

JS: What are the main goals of the Ututo project?

DO: To use only free software. Our distribution uses only free software, defined by the FSF's four freedoms. We also do processor optimization for a high-performance operating system. It's the first system released optimized for processors -- for x86 and Athlon64 in the newest version.

JS: How many other people work on the project, and in what capacities?

DO: We have 41 people on the project. Fourteen are developers. Others handle security, press, Web ste contents, forums, user feedback, translation and other non-technical activities.

JS: Can you describe how the project functions in terms of its development process? For example, how are bugs tracked and patches submitted and merged?

DO: Some patches are released using Ututo-Portage based on Gentoo Portage but with some modifications. Ututo has an internal mailing list, with a free flow of information about everything in the project. All people involved in the project know everything about the project.

JS: Can you guess how many downloads there have been of the distribution?

DO: We have 54,000 downloads, counted from our site. We don't have any idea about other mirrors. We think almost 75,000 downloads total.

JS: If someone wanted to volunteer to make some contributions to the Ututo project, what do you suggest to them? How can the best help?

DO: Fill out the contact form on our site, or send mail to one of the developers' addresses on the site. All people can join our project like this.

Source: Free Software Foundation Bulletin Issue 6 June 2005


Ututo.org.ar (english)

Ututo.org.ar (spanish)