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A List of random errors and fixes for them

NIS Resolver issue

After setting up a new Solaris box with NIS, i was haveing issues.

I checked NIS with:

bash-3.00# ypcat passwd
RPC failure on yp operation

As you can see this was failing and reporting the below in messages:

May 5 23:05:23 test-box ypcat[12361]: yp_all - transport level create failure for domain test.url.co.uk / map passwd.byname: RPC: Unknown host

This is because NIS had been set up as the hosts resolver and we are not using NIS for DNS

e.g. /etc/nsswitch.conf was set up like.

hosts:      files dns nis

A simple update fixed the issues

e.g. /etc/nsswitch.conf should be set up like.

hosts:      dns files