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Forget this wiki-entry! It's about Pr0n.

Pr0n (= porn) is for the weak!

Porn are still or moving images, mainly of women, in varying states of nudity, posing or performing erotic acts with other humans, with animals, machines, or with other props. Some say it degrades women, some say it corrupts young boys (who down-load it from the world-wide-web or exchange it on floppy disks). Most of it is in the form of JPEG images. There are many sites on the world-wide-web offering porn of all sorts, almost always for a subscription. It is said that these are a driving force in the evolution of new technology and techniques for the web. Advertisements for them certainly constitute a significant proportion of all spam. There are even pornographic computer games, an early example being Mac Playmate.
For Apple’s new Video iPod are video podcasts available, e.g. on

Beware - many institutions, particularly universities, have strict rules against their computers and networks being used to transfer or store such things, and you might get corrupted.

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