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makepizza / Internet Pizza Server

The heart of the Pizza Server is the "makepizza" program that converts your text pizza orders into fairly realistic graphical pies. It supports half and half pizzas, as well as extra toppings. Also, the topping database is large, and is still growing. "makepizza" is made up to just over 1000 lines of C source. ..


Pizza Party is a free text based software package for ordering pizza, or for throwing pizza parties.

pizza_party [-o|--onions] [-g|--green-peppers] [-m|--mushrooms] [-v|--olives] [-t|--tomatoes] [-h|--pineapple] [-x|--extra-cheese] [-d|--cheddar-cheese] [-p|--pepperoni] [-s|--sausage] [-w|--ham] [-b|--bacon] [-e|--ground-beef] [-c|--grilled-chicken] [-z|--anchovies] [-u|--extra-sauce] [-U|--user= username] [-P|--password= pasword] [-I|--input-file= input-file] [-V|--verbose] [-Q|--quiet] [-F|--force] [QUANTITY] [SIZE]