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You need IPv6. You just don't know it yet.


Yesterdays IP standard is called IPv4. Sadly most ISPs and services still only deliver this ancient technology standarized in September 1981. What you will want after reading on is IPv6, also referred to as IP Next Generation (IPNG).

...and how to get it:

Because there is no current ISP [except in Japan] supplying you with native-IPv6, you can get a free "IPv6-over-IPv4"-tunnel for your internet connection.

SixXS (pronounced "Six-Access") is a well known and reliable provider of these free tunnels. You can also apply for a /48 IPv6 Subnet with them to get a lot of IPv6-Addresses

  • Every /64 subnet has far more than enough addresses to contain all of the computers on the planet, and with a /48 you have 65536 of those subnets

Running your own IPv6 tunnel

phrack's guide to running your own IPv6 tunnel with SixXS, routing for other PCs in you LAN and IPv6-Bind9 DNS-Server-Setup:

IPv6 Tunnel, Router and DNS Howto

Using IRC with IPv6

LinuxReview: IPv6 supported IRC servers

In irssi use "/server -6" to connect.