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OS²³ needs YOU and your professional help!

There are a lot of worx to be done.

We cannot do everything by ourselves.

So, why don't you want to be an Erisian Volunteer and join into the project OS²³, the most famous effort of building a society changing operating system and to take part at an outstanding good deed - safe your soul and recent kharma from being without sense and benefit, safe the planet and give rules with direction new home of menkind somewhere under a distant sun - to avoid old mistakes given to us by law of weapons, pressure stupidity made by majorities and ruled by unqualified persons, leaders, politicians, whatever!

Think different - think for yourself! Okay, here it is - there you go:²³_-_wants_YOU!_-_Projectworx_to_be_done_by_YOU!_-_Ausschreibungen