3DNS Cheat Sheet

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3DNS Hint Sheet


shows all dc's in config

3dpipe datacenter show

Shows status of <datacenter>

3dpipe datacenter <datacenter> status

Enables/Disables <datacenter>

3dpipe datacenter <datacenter> enable/disable

DONT DO THIS (Phill says is very very naughty, "Disable a wip in a <datacenter>" instead)


to list the virtuals

3dprint wips | grep Wideip

or for a nicely formatted output

3dprint wips | grep Wideip | awk '{ print $4,"\t Status:", $3,"\t""Pool: ", $15,"\t""Hostname:", $13}'

Show status of <virtual>

3dpipe virtual <ip_address>:<port> status

Enables/Disables virtuals

3dpipe  virtual <ip_address>:<port> enable
3dpipe  virtual <ip_address>:<port> disable [

Disable a wip in a <datacenter>

3dpipe wip <wip> datacenter <datacenter> disable
3dpipe wip wip.site.com datacenter MSL disable