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10/14/04 | Boomtime, the 68th day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3170

from the what-could-this-be-true-of dept.

"When magick confronts authority, magick always wins" -from (freespeech.org)

10/11/04 | Orange, the 66th day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3170


"imposition of order, escalation of disorder"

received a copy of leary teaching "How to Operate your Brain".

went to western Mass, sat in a white cedar sauna saw a beautiful sunset. slept in a tent under high pines. life is a gift

9/7/04 | Setting Orange, the 31st day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3170


Imposed a new order on the structure here. Lets see how it works.. Oh yes..welcome new guests. please leave comments.

Check out: Project Censored
Quote - "Our mission is to educate people about the role of independent journalism in a democratic society and to tell The News That Didn't Make the News and why."

Check The Media Can Legally Lie article (mind boggling, this story was convered in MoVies/TheCorporation movie)