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Cologne / Dom / Mediatower / Zeppelin

A city in northwestern Germany on the Rhine River

From Latin Colonia Agrippina, Agrippine Colony, a settlement founded by Agrippina, the mother of Roman Emperor Nero; from Latin colonus, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *kwel.

Cologne's airport code is CGN.

Cologne is also home to Evoke, the Soma Festival, Summerjam and Open Chaos

Cologne at night, 18.Sept 2005

We also have a gallery of streetart in Cologne.

Travel Info


   405 sq km
   156 sq miles



Time Zone

   GMT/UTC +1 ()


   German (official)


   Euro (Euro)

LonelyPlanet says: "A city so good you'll want to dab it behind your ears."


Cologne at night, 31.Dec 2005
Kölner Dom
Kölner Dom 06.05.06
Sonnenuntergang am Rhein

Usage as a name for perfume / 4711

For the usage as perfume see:

Eau de Cologne (French for "water of Cologne", Kölnisch Wasser in German) is a type of light perfume that originated in Cologne, Germany and is defined by its typical concentration of about 2-3% essential oils. Today only used by old ladies and Japanese tourists as souvenir from Cologne ;-)


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