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You can make beta test accounts now and we have created a team: join now

Create Account:

Download Boinc:

Join Team: is the right URL to join our team ... I have seen, that all the links are out of date (or better. out of order ... ;) ) . Maybe the original author should rewrite this entry entirely ...

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

A software platform for distributed computing using volunteered computer resources

Boinc Beta Test:

19.11.2003 - Zwar hat gestern der ╓ffentliche Betatest begonnen, doch schon noch kurzer Zeit musste der Anmeldeserver die wei▀e Fahne aufziehen. ZunΣchst wurde die Anmeldung wieder gesperrt. Heute am Abend wird es voraussichtlich einen neuen Anlauf mit geΣnderten Datenbankeinstellungen geben.

Berkeley has released seti_boinc source code under the GNU/GPL today! SETI becomes open source.

The seti_boinc source code is being released under the GNU General Public License.

In order to compile and link seti_boinc you will need to download and compile boinc first.

Untar/unzip both boinc and seti_boinc in the same directory on your system. Configure and make boinc, then configure and make seti_boinc.

If everything compiles OK you will find the application in the seti_boinc/client directory. You can test the application with the included workunit. In some directory, copy in both the application and seti_boinc/client/test_workunits/reference_work_unit.sah. Rename reference_work_unit.sah to work_unit.sah. Run the application in standalone mode. For example:

setiathome-2.06.sparc-sun-solaris2.7 -standalone