SETI²³ - The 23 Group

~ 23? ~

random numbers:
n. When one wishes to specify a large but random
number of things, and the context is inappropriate for {N}, certain
numbers are preferred by hacker tradition (that is, easily
recognized as placeholders). These include the following:

17 - Long described at MIT as `the least random number'; see 23.

23 - Sacred number of Eris, Goddess of Discord (along with 17 and 5).

42 - The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and
Everything. (Note that this answer is completely fortuitous.`:-)

69 - From the sexual act. This one was favored in MIT's ITS culture.

105 - 69 hex = 105 decimal, and 69 decimal = 105 octal.

666 - The Number of the Beast.

For further enlightenment, study the `Principia Discordia',
`{The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy}', `The Joy
of Sex', and the Christian Bible (Revelation 13:8). See also
{Discordianism} or consult your pineal gland.

Source: The Jargon File V 4.2.3, 23 Nov 2000

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